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An very important strength our receivable factoring company‘s managers have is their ability to make decisions quickly. Sometimes approvals can be given the same day. If all the proper information on receivables is received from the client in a timely fashion, funds can be wired within 24 hours for payroll or supplies.

At Forward Business Credit we act fast to provide a quick infusion of cash to your business. Learn more about  receivable factoring companies.

Factoring Receivables Offers Quick Access to Working Capital

Receivable factoring is a highly accessible, cost-effective and proven way to help finance your business, manage your cash flow and fund your expansion plans all at the same time.

We only evaluate the quality of your receivables and the creditworthiness of the your customers . Your credit story or your company’s financial situation does not matter!

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Receivable Factoring Company Blog
June 19, 2013
There are three parties in factoring. There is the factor that provides receivables financing by buying a client’s accounts receivables. There is also the client’s customers often referred to as debtors. When a company decides to use factoring as a source of working capital, a common question is who pays if the debtor decides not
May 31, 2013
One of the great advantages of using a receivable factoring company as a source of funds when a business needs cash is that a bank loan comes with a bucket full of requirements. First, for most small businesses, especially business in a tight cash situation or in dire need, there probably won’t be a bank
April 3, 2013
In his book, “How To Be a Fierce Competitor,” Jeffrey Fox emphasizes the fact that your employees are not your most important asset. That role goes to your customers. They are the ones who pay the bills, keep your company afloat and generate those profits. And they are the ones you can turn to when
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